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set up in September 2004 to raise money to

support cancer research across Devon and

Cornwall exclusively.

Since the inception of the Peninsula Cancer Research Network in

2001 much effort has been taken to develop clinical cancer

research in the five NHS hospitals across the region (Royal

Cornwall Hospital in Truro (RCHT), the Royal Devon and Exeter

Hospital, North Devon Hospital in Barnstaple, Derriford Hospital

in Plymouth and Torbay Hospital in Torquay). However more staff

and support are required to build on this initial success and to

address this need the Trust was formed formed to

support this and other initiatives. We obtained independent

charitable status in 2008 (Registered Charity number 1125366) and

have raised over £50,000 to date.

Our charitable objective is to relieve sickness by the provision of

clinical and laboratory based research into cancer in Devon and

Cornwall and to publish the results of such research for the

benefit of the public. We aim to do this by supplementing staff

and infrastructure, and providing education and training across

the Region. By these means we hope to enhance access for the

cancer patients of Devon and Cornwall to appropriate national

clinical trials as undertaken in the larger Cancer Centres of the UK.

All monies are raised by voluntary fund raising and donations and

it is a stipulation of the Trust that no expenses are removed for

administration thereby ensuring that every penny received is

channelled directly into cancer research. The Trust is overseen by

14 Trustees and each NHS Hospital has a representative member.

Our initial target is to raise sufficient funds to support a local

cancer research study for a period of two years and we are

currently evaluating which projects will provide the best value for

money with the greatest chance of success.

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