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Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Pay money for Essays to savor More of spare time

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An archival VOC mindset? Archival dilemmas in a early-modern context that is dutch-Asian

Friday, September 13th, 2019

An archival VOC mindset? Archival dilemmas in a early-modern context that is dutch-Asian

Admission needs

This program is a component associated with the (Res)MA History Programme. It is really not available for BA pupils.


This Research Seminar is targeted on the archives associated with the VOC or Dutch East Asia business. It partly functions as a practical, more particular counterpart of this Literature Seminar. It handles a few of the basic archival dilemmas discussed there, but details them when you look at the context of a seventeenth- and 18th-century Dutch-Asian enterprise that is commercial. Even though the VOC records formally comprised company management, in training in addition they functioned as a huge repository of valuable and information that is secret all types of occasions in early-modern Asia.

The different staying VOC archives consist of numerous different kinds as well as “genres” of papers, including maps. Further, they partly overlap with materials that fall beyond your confines among these collections, but are closely linked to them, such as for instance personal documents, missionary records, travel reports, as well as works of art. These diverse materials had been produced with various purposes, are comprised and organised in numerous ways, and information that is present various perspecitives.

This seminar considers and compares all of these sources from both an archival and a historiographical perspective. It searches for similarities and differences between, on the one hand, the VOC archives and, having said that, archives of contemporaneous Dutch organizations and of other European international trading organizations. Students who cannot browse (old) Dutch may make use of such other European documents, for instance those of this English East Asia business.

The pupil has obtained: